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Kemp, Schaeffer & Rowe, Co., L.P.A.
Kemp, Schaeffer & Rowe, Co., L.P.A.Kemp, Schaeffer & Rowe, Co., L.P.A.
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We developed the News Center portion to our website with two purposes in mind.  First, is the Newsletter to address interesting legal issues.  Some topics we might address here are changes in the law that might impact our clients or new twists on the law that occasionally make headlines.  We might also spotlight upcoming seminars that are of a particular interest to our members in an effort to share this information with our colleagues.  Please contact us at (614) 224-2678 if you have a News Center item that you would like spotlighted.    
The second portion is to make Announcements concerning with is happening with our firm.  In this section, we like to address the addition of new members to our firm or congratulate employees on specific personal or professional milestones. 
NewslettersWednesday, January 01, 2014

AnnouncementsWednesday, January 01, 2014
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